Advantages of Business e-Newsletter

Business eNewsletterThere are lots of advantages in a person as well as your company may enjoy through publishing a business e-newsletter.

1. Keeping In Touch – Your visitors as well as customers would be the lifeblood of the company. Do you have any better method to stay connected with your current clients compared to via an e-newsletter? The e-newsletter enables you to include company updates to maintain your good relationship with customers as well as company growth milestones. Along with furthering your own personal touch relationship with your customers, the e-newsletter may also permit you to expose services, provide unique product sales or even discount rates for your current clientele, as well as getting more recommendations.

2. Engage With New customers – Accept the fact that the majority of potential prospects will not purchase immediately unless they’ve an instantaneous need or perhaps found your product or services via an effective recommendation. Normally they’ll do some research, asking around to evaluate and it also means you will probably in no way observe all of them once again. Nevertheless having a free e-newsletter that attract customers to read for more information regarding a person, your company, as well as your items free of charge plus they may also find out more about your conversation together with your existing clients. The e-newsletter could be a quite simple technique to change the one-time customer right into a life time client.

3. Company Uniqueness — Nobody understands more regarding your company compared to you whom make you a specialist. Most likely the setup of your company offers something addition that makes you to secure a deal with your expertise. Reveal your opinion on the current market associated with your business industry via your business e-newsletter in order to engage closer with your existing customers as well as persuade potential prospects that you’re the solution for their business challenges.

By reading till now, I believe you are persuaded to start writing business e-newsletter, I wish to review a few pre-determined questions which publishers as well as marketers usually request.

What is a business e-newsletter?

The same as their own document counterparts, business e-newsletters being structured in a way of communications generally associated with a typical style or even subject.

A few business e-newsletter tend to be delivered just by of e-mail blasting while some tend to be sent on the internet. The majority are delivered in certain mixture of both. The majority of my personal articles as well as e-newsletters tend to be blast by e-mail as well as feed.

You are able to pick the technique is actually best suited for you as well as your target audience.

How can you publish a business e-newsletter?

It’s easier to begin to write your business e-newsletter compared to begin with publishing a book. What you need to do is to choose a subject, title your newsletter and start writing. You can easily discover a good target audience (aside from existing customers) with the numerous e-newsletter as well as newsletter sites online, for instance community forums for individuals thinking about your written business e-newsletter subject.

You will have to figure out the publishing technique, meaning probably establishing your personal site or even web page in your current site; making a good store for the problems after they are made, that could imply establishing the weblog; as well as monitoring your own visitors, that most likely indicates establishing the emailing or even autoresponder support. Lastly, if you need assistance on building the business e-newsletter strategy, do look for outsource party or any expert to assist you!

Benefits of Engaging a Creative Marketing Agency

creative marketing agencyWhat’s the benefit of engaging a creative marketing agency?

Continued from the previous article, why a business will be benefited from a creative marketing agency engagement? Taking reference from a successful company. The success and sustainability of a company contributed mostly from the research & development department and the marketing department. Of course, the management plays an important role making the right decision approving the project.

What can a creative marketing agency provide?

1. Advertisement Saving – Buying power of a good agency have. An agency bulk advertising space in bulk and helps clients in savings. So it simply means higher negotiation power and huge advantage from an agency have with the media.

2. Advertisement Project – With the budget on advertisement spending, is there any capabilities to draft a campaign or even design the ads? Look into the resources you have in your company. A good leveraging partner you have is with a good creative marketing agency. They are in creating numerous marketing campaign, design and strategy which result in better conversion and giving a clearer message to your target audience. With the experience involving so much consultation form various industry, being innovative for your project will be the perfect choice.

3. Marketing Plan – One thing a new entrepreneur and existing business owners always fail to do is to create a marketing plan. A Gantt Chart that illustrates your entire marketing plan is important for the next 12 months. This can be started from any month, not necessary on the month of January. A creative marketing agency will have done a good survey on your target audience and based on your budget to create a customize marketing plan for your company. Sometime, they even over-achieved the target provided by the company.

4. Marketing Ideas – Knowing your target audience but have no ideas how to get them? What about unknown target audience that you can reach which have the same or higher purchasing power on the products or services you offered? How can you get the right prospects – your real customers? With the engagement of a creative marketing agency, they will study your company and propose you the marketing ideas and what’s the result you will be getting.

5. Staff Turnover – Staff is an asset for any company. It’s common every company need to face the fact – staff turnover. It’s not easy to retain a staff. Work hand over to a new employed staff and times required to train a staff highly affected productivity and innovation of a company. An employee will need to familiarize the company working culture and services offered. By engaging a creative marketing agency, they are just like your marketing department. They maintain the quality of work for your company and often propose better suggestion based on the current market trend. Just make you hassle-free on managing your marketing staff.

6. Performance Management – A norm for marketing agency to provide monthly report to clients showing the results they did for their marketing campaign. Leveraging their resources and expertise on managing your marketing performance. This is to ensure that your target is always being met with an effective way.

These are few points on the benefits of a creative marketing agency. To conclude this article, I would like to share with you a marketing campaign developed by Coca-Cola. How can a creative marketer come out with this idea with a powerful message getting everyone so touched.

Do share with me lesson learned from this marketing campaign. Share with your friend & family!


Women Entrepreneur Starting A Small Business – Facts to know

women entrepreneur with tieDeciding to start a small business relatively of having a new born baby playing a major part of your life. Being a women entrepreneur, everything in the beginning will be the most tiring and stressful times you need to face.
But doing it right, this will be your best achievement in life. Getting the business to be rewarding in long term that’s the most challenging part as of now everything changes pretty fast.

What’s your thought in starting a new business? Do you have to know everything before starting your own small business? Normally people will think of “YES”. You are the expert in the industry, you can solve any technical issues in your business – products/services. To run a small business, company management is important. One thing that you will need to start thinking of that will help a lot in your small business will be – sales & marketing. It ain’t difficult or easy. Marketing message is the key of getting your customers to be attracted to your products or services. Also the most complicated part of any business is to communicate the right message to your prospects. Most of the women entrepreneur think they know about marketing, which is hiring sales staff to do cold calls making appointments and seal the deal. They must be kidding themselves.

Marketing helps an entrepreneur generating potential leads and convert into sales easier. The best example ever had would be “Apple”. The marketing strategy is so viral before the product is even in the market. People are crazy for it and even queue for it. Does the salesperson required to explain the features of the product? Answer is NO! This is what you should have in your mind and plan to do in your small business marketing. The smartest things you could do is to engage a marketing agency to ensure the success of your small business. Remember, your new start-up small business need to be nurtured from the beginning.

It is common that most small businesses fail within the first 5 years. Among these millions of entrepreneur hoping to success ending with heartbreaking business could be the minority entrepreneurs whom succeed. How nice if they able to seek for advice and help from the marketing experts in the areas they have no idea at all. Based on marketing agency or Ad agency, they have never had a client to spend more money than how the entrepreneurs done it themselves. Even it is, the result of engaging a marketing agency is far more better than doing themselves. In conclusion, the return on investment (ROI) is actually higher.

Hopes the women entrepreneur who plan to start your ever first small business no matter it’s online business or home based business to be succeed in near future!

Upcoming I’ll be writing an article on the Benefits of Engaging a Marketing Agency for Women Entrepreneur“.

Starting Home Based Business – What to consider?

home based businessAs being heard from everywhere, anybody about starting your home based business something so attractive. What do really need to consider before you kick start? To own a business, not reporting to anyone else, having flexible working hours and able to plan your working days and holidays yourself. That’s most of the entrepreneur dreams…
So, if you are taking into consideration starting your own home based business, what you need to do is start thinking deeply, by asking yourself some initial questions, such as:

1. Working Schedule – To keep your current job as a beginner in business, how much time will you spend on building your first home based business? Assuming you spend 10 hours a day in your permanent job, another 8 hours sleeping hours, will you be committed everyday spending the rest of the hours to pursue your business endeavors? Which will be the perfect timing for you to work effectively and creatively building your home based business? It can me morning, late evenings or maybe during the weekends.

2. Working Space – Make sure your ideal home based business doesn’t easily get interrupted. Most of the people couldn’t work from home. Reason being it’s so comfortable to stay at home and seeing the softness of your bed, just easily makes someone to be lazy and don’t feel like doing anything laying on the bed or couch. So ask yourself, do you have a suitable room or space for your home based business?

3. Self Improvement – Your determination and willingness to learn new things which is relevant to your business. Everything is changing too much especially with the technology nowadays. A business couldn’t survive without online presence. Time allocation on self improvement, learning new technology, will you sacrifice? Mastering your skill in your home based business will be part of the business management. How will you handle the rest of your business component? Should you delegate some like marketing, sales or accounting?

4. Marketing Strategy – Do you know how to have a creative marketing strategy? What channel and promotion you need to do to market your home based business? How can you create your products or services awareness and get make it viral  in order to reach your customers? Which will be the best way to start off, online or offline? Marketing budget allocation for each month within your financial capability. Marketing has no rules. Keep trying one another to always improve your marketing message.

5. Business Capital – Money? How much should you allocate for the start? Do you need to buy or rent any equipments or gadget? Calculate the costing required for necessary to start your home based business.

Well, this is a few questions you need to start thinking of. It will be best if all of the questions being answered before you get started. This would make your start-up home based business smoother and safer.

10 Tips for a Successful Entrepreneur Pitch

Wanting an investor for your business? successful entrepreneur pitch A question always pop up into your mind “Why the investors are predisposed against your business idea?” Because the majority of the business proposal is not practical or in another word too much of academic theories written. It doesn’t think on the point of investor what is their ROI. It’s all about YOU, YOU, YOU and YOU! Investors don’t know who are YOU, it sounds just like throwing money into the sea, losing money end of the day.

So … if you plan to have a successful entrepreneur pitch by getting the REAL ANGELS funding for your creative business idea, do look into the following tips:

1. A Good Introduction – Describe your business idea in a straight forward and simple introduction less than 60 seconds. If it’s in a written format, ensure it’s within one A4 page with double spacing. Many entrepreneurs spend a lot of valuable time providing information, history of the business and others data for their pitch. Telling grandma stories with no purpose and not explaining what exactly their business nature are. This is the best successful entrepreneur pitch you ever had BUT not the investors. They just don’t understand!

2. Target Audience – Who is your target audience? Potential customer for your proposed business. Make it clear to the investors who the buyers are!

3. Purpose – Explain the reason why your targeted customer will pay you their money for your products/services.

4. Define Competitors – Who is the players in the market doing the same with your business idea? Do not say NO, as this say you unsophisticated. End up with unattended business proposal.

5. Dramatic Difference – What’s your uniqueness in this business? Why you are the only one can make this happen?

6. Confidence Presentation – Definitely, be professional giving your presentation with highly confidence and enthusiasm. Be passionate and show how committed you are to make this business idea success. Investors want to see how good you are to convince the market not just them.

7. Marketing Promotion – What are your marketing strategies for the business? To come out with a creative marketing strategies, always listen to market what they need instead of asking yourself what you think the market need. Having a well-planned gantt chart on how are you going to run your marketing promotion makes them felt secure funding your business.

8. Financial Budget – Tell specifically total amount of capital required to fund your business idea. Prepare a projected monthly cash flow budget to avoid overspent for your business. Most important, don’t expect investors to come out with another budget for your business.

9. Company Expenditure – What are the monthly expenses you will be paying? Assets you are getting. (Example, how many computers/laptops)
Note: Don’t ever say you will spend on a holiday to Carribbean with family.

10. Dress Attire – Make sure you got the best outfit, a presentable dress attire when you are going to present your successful entrepreneur pitch. Be mature and be confidence showing the investors it’s great to have them as your business partner instead of begging them for money. Physiologically, human are more willingly to give you money when you don’t really need it.

Lastly, keep improving on your business presentation one after next. Take note on all questions being asked by the investors. This helps you on your next presentation, pitch their concern before they raise the same questions. You will get what you ask for in the end by providing such a successful entrepreneur pitch!

Entrepreneur for Women

entrepreneur for womenEntrepreneur for women – is there a shortage?

Being women entrepreneur is a great time in this year, marketing technology has make things quick and simple and propelled an entrepreneurial revolution. As women entrepreneur, accessibility to information online enables you to have a better decision making. Having an advantage over the ‘big players’ in businesses with flooded instant news online. You can now target new markets more effectively.

But being a successful women entrepreneur is not easy. It requires a passionate to what you wanted to do and looking at the big picture. Be consistent and craft a business plan and execute from the beginning to the end. Some practical guidelines which will help you on starting your own business.


Practical Tips For Starting Right – Entrepreneur for women

1. Start Your Business – Part Time
Starting a business is not like playing a game. You might want consider starting your business part-time, especially if it’s online, while you’re working and have a steady income. Normally it takes six months to a year to get your online business to grow and you don’t want your ability to pay the utilities bill unattended. Secondly, make sure this is a business you don’t feel boring or easily giving up. Follow with your capability to manage in terms of financial and time-wise, plan to scale up your business growth.

2. Find Your Niche with Market Demand
It is important that the products/services you deal with is demanded in the market. There’s no longer general stores able to survive in the online world now. Understand the consumer behavior, they are looking for specialize goods/services. Nobody will search online things they don’t want. Figure out your target market. Which category or industry they belongs to.

3. Important of Online Presence
If you are planning to start an offline business, do consider the important of getting online and make it as an asset as your marketing & promotional department. It plays an important role for leads generation. Having an online presence generate interest of your target audience and eliminates the limitations of physical location. Besides that, your fans or followers will receive instant promotion and news from you. Best of all, it’s FREE!

4. Never Give Up Easily
A successful women entrepreneur requires innovative & creativity to face the challenges and keep moving forward. We knew that Steve Jobs doesn’t success once he started to run a business. Believing himself to create a product which makes human life easier, he never gave up even failing so many times. Don’t repeat what you have done wrongly but learn from the mistakes you made and never repeat it again!

Believing in yourself today – Entrepreneur for Women!!!

Good example for to have a great career, great family & great husband! Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg And Her Husband Have Done The Impossible!

Money for Entrepreneurs with brilliant business ideas

The Importance of capital money for entrepreneurs with brilliant business for entrepreneur

It is a widely known fact that capital money for entrepreneurs is very important to kick start a business venture.  Various government and private financial institutions offers assistance and financial loan to entrepreneurs to open up their business. This is not limited to the entrepreneur as the current one’s also has be given the opportunity to expand their existing business. Good business ideas will dictates that this is the most important aspect and element which need to be addressed before one’s venture into a business.

Funding or money for entrepreneurs is the backbone of the success of one business venture.  Along with business ideas and connection, this is the basis element of a business. However, there is always difficulty for a budding entrepreneur or aspiring young graduates to obtain loans or money to kick start their business venture. However, the current government policy is to help them and ease their way to obtain the desire financial loans. Now a day, the government are offering grant and soft loans to the aspiring entrepreneur. The local financial institutions also had ease their strict policies to grant loans to entrepreneur. They will grant loans to any borrower who has a good business plan and ideas which is capable of reaching their full potential.

The Malaysian government has introduces a scheme to help the aspiring entrepreneur and young graduates to start their own business venture.  This programme is called Graduate Entrepreneur  Fund. The easy loan scheme was launched under the 8th Malaysia Plan, with an interest rate of between two and four percent. This is timely move by the government to provide money for entrepreneurs. Recently, the amount of financing under the RM45 million Graduate Entrepreneur Fund has been increased to RM500,000 from RM250,000, and up to RM750,000 for the buy-over of a company. Furthermore, this loan assistance is targeting various age category of graduates. This is evident by  the amount of financing under the RM45 million Graduate Entrepreneur Fund has been increased to RM500,000 from RM250,000, and up to RM750,000 for the buy-over of a company. Most importantly, this funding also not restricted to the young graduates as the individual who is eligible and meet the requirements also entitle for the loan assistance. A progressive approach and wise business ideas from the Malaysian government to encourage the youth to venture into business.

Next,  the government via the Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGC) has encourage the local private financial institution to ease loans and money for entrepreneurs. CGC was established with the objective to assist Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) without or with inadequate collateral to access credit facilities from financial institutions. In one of the brilliant business ideas initiated by the government, theCGC offers many schemes for Malaysian owned and controlled private limited companies registered under the Companies Act 1965 including franchise, islamic product related businesses, start-up businesses (operation less than a year) and small entrepreneurs. Furthermore, its offers assistance to SMEs in modernizing the business ideas of their operations as well as working capital and is applicable to both start-ups and existing companies.

Roles of Entrepreneur

Roles of Entrepreneur? Does an Entrepreneur need?roles of entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is person with a great personality. Entrepreneur can create almost everything and will never disappoint you with their endless wonderful ideas. They always come up with new inventions and new solutions to your everyday life problem. For instance, you might having problem with your kitchen sponge, so they might just create a new and advance technology to produce a better quality of kitchen sponge that can improve your quality of life. It might sound very simple, but when we look at the brighter side of it, entrepreneurs are really great people who have great roles in the society.

Entrepreneurs are innovators, they never wasting their time and always eyeing for opportunity. People’s everyday problems have become opportunities for them.  Entrepreneurs can come up with wonderful ideas and solutions for different group of people. Most of the new inventions in our lives such as toaster, dish washer or even a small and simple thing like air freshener were created by entrepreneurs. They might not be the original innovator, but they added new improvement to the existing products. All this new improvements help to create a new good service. Life will become more efficient with the birth of new and improved technology in everyday life.

Beside that, entrepreneurs provide choice. Entrepreneurship has widely practices by most countries all over the world. Entrepreneur will add goods ad service to marketplace. So people will have more choices rather than just using the same product for ages. They will also offer variety because entrepreneurs always design different approaches to similar problems based on individual preferences. For example, you might found variety of liquid detergent in the market because people have different needs and choices. Some might need a liquid detergent that can prevent the clothes from fading, some might want a super clean laundry and some might just prefer a normal liquid detergent. Compared to the previous year where we only can have a normal liquid detergent, now we are surrounded by different type of new choices.

At the same time, entrepreneur will provide jobs to people. It is impossible for an entrepreneur to do his work alone. They might need assistants and for sure they will hire employers for their business. Furthermore, any entrepreneurship will consume a lot of resources and this will provide new job to supply the resource. It will work as one team in the field of business where a lot of people work together under one company line. However, the most important role for an entrepreneur is they help the economy to grow. Profits from they business will contribute to the country’s economic growth. Without entrepreneur, it might be hard for a country to develop because of the lack of resources. Based on the mentioned roles we can not deny the fact that entrepreneur has a very big roles in the society and the country itself.

Function of Entrepreneur

What is the function of entrepreneur?function of entrepreneur

Some people will say that successful entrepreneurs are born, not made. But some people might agree that this statement is not true, since some people agree that entrepreneurship is a talent that can be nurtured. Whatever the answers may be, it does not matter. The most important thing about entrepreneurs is they are capable of bringing a lot of benefits both to the country and the citizen. For the last few years has seen entrepreneurial behaviour becoming increasingly acceptable within business life in every corner of the world. They have many functions which they need to obligate certain functions in order to make their business smooth and successful.

An entrepreneur always plans the project. He functions as the project planner where he become the organizer to conceive the idea of launching the project and also to program the structure of the business. The entire project is planned by the entrepreneur and only the entrepreneur himself knows what he is planning for. He will start the project through different stages of planning. This organizational skills build an enterprise from scratch and nurture it and make it grows. Another important function of an entrepreneur is to run the enterprise. He will manage the employers, resources, finance, and also the organization of goods and services. Overall, he has to perform the function of planning, co-ordination and control. He will then have to market his product and service. Having a great management and leadership skill is very important, since only a well managed organization yields desired results.  With his great management skills he will be able to build a team, generate resources and also solves problems. His leadership ability will bring to a successful organization.

The entrepreneur conducts studies to assess the market feasibility of the proposed product of the services. During the process he will anticipate problems and assesses every part of the marketing steps as in quantity, quality, cost and sources of inputs required to run the enterprise. He needs to prepare such a blue print of all the activities is termed as a ‘business plan’ or a ‘project report’. Apart from that, he must make sure that he is turning the ideas into action – An entrepreneur should be capable of turning his ideas into reality. This will done by collecting information regarding the ideas, products, practices to suit the demand in the market. Further steps are taken to achieve the goals in the light of the information collected.

One of the important function entrepreneur is to run the enterprise. He has to manage men, material, finance and organize production of goods andservices. He has to market each product and service, after ensuring appropriate returns (profits) of the investment. Only a properly managed organization yields desired results. Entrepreneur function did not end here. Even after the enterprise achieves its desired results, the entrepreneur has to explore another higher goal for its proper growth and development.
The entrepreneur is not satisfied only with achieving a set goal but constantly strives for.

Importance of Entrepreneur

business ideasEntrepreneur with good business ideas vital to the economy
This is an article which will discuss the about the importance of entrepreneur with a good business ideas and wisdom to the economy, especially their local economy. Here, we will see how they will contribute to their local economy by creating quality products and services and at the same time, offer employment opportunity to the locals. Thereon, we can see that they will kick start a positive economic cycle within the demographics.

The entrepreneurs is the asset to the economy system. Along with their business ideas, they are the main gear in the mechanism of the nation economy system.  They plays different function from the businessmen in the economy system. Their plays the role of producers, suppliers and marketers for their products and services. Furthermore, they are much more enterprising and always on the lookout for a latest opportunities. They are much more daring to bring their untested products and services to the current market. Having such business ideas, the entrepreneur roles clearly a dynamic one and thus, will contributes more to the economy. Along the way, their activities will creates employment and also stimulates the economy in their respective area.

Entrepreneurs is essential for the progress of a nation. A successful entrepreneur is an asset to the society. Apart from involving in economic activities, he or she can contribute to the wellbeing of a society in several ways that improve the living conditions of the people. Thus, that is why their business ideas is very much appreciated in the economy.

To illustrate their importance to the nation’s economy, we will take the enterprising Canada an example. Canada is a country rich in outstanding entrepreneurs, large and small with good business ideas. The economic value created for their country by this talented and energetic class of individuals is phenomenal. Economists agree that the Canadian economy relies heavily on a spirit of entrepreneurship, with a predominance of small- and medium-sized companies making up the bulk of their economy.

As for economics activity are concern, the entrepreneur has to invest in what is required for the economy. Economic progress will much depend upon his or her contributions. Any entrepreneur with sound business ideas will invest in products and services which the people need. His or investment will ensure a better life for the people. More goods and services will be at their disposal.

The most vital contribution is employment opportunity. An entrepreneur by setting up various businesses and establishments is generating employment in the economy. People need jobs. This is a major contribution that an employer can make to provide income to an employee who can meet his or her needs. Thus, with these brilliant business ideas, they can helps to slash down unemployment rate at the area.

Finally, an entrepreneur can provide various types of goods and services to the consumer. The latter has much to choose from. A consumer after all would like to have a good bargain, and if his or her choices are more than he or she can get these products or services at reasonable rates. Also personal desires are met if there are products and services to choose from. This is good business ideas promotes win-win situation for both of them and customers.