Marketing Services

marketing services

Performance Management

  • Create Lead Generation System to attract TARGETED (quality) leads
  • Enhance & improve benefit communication to target market
  • Enhance Credibility via recognition / certification / endorsement of International or National professional bodies
  • Establish processes or systems to constantly receive customer feedback (Testimonials, complaints, ideas for improvement)
  • Increase accessibility of customer to product
  • Create platforms to provide customer with opportunity to experience product benefit

New Media

  • Identify and exploit alternative medias for more cost-effective communications
  • Setting up online direct response tools: Mass mailing, Newsletter, Blog, Forum, etc
  • Setting up and optimizing Primary networks, Secondary networks, Syndication networks & Aggregation networks
  • Building a private branded social networking platform

Creative Directions

  • Creative designs of Marketing Collaterals to align and resonate with target market’s values & beliefs

Marketing Technology

  • Content Hub with High Traffic
  • Customer relationship Management
  • Mass email software
  • Web Design Software

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