10 Tips for a Successful Entrepreneur Pitch

Wanting an investor for your business? successful entrepreneur pitch A question always pop up into your mind “Why the investors are predisposed against your business idea?” Because the majority of the business proposal is not practical or in another word too much of academic theories written. It doesn’t think on the point of investor what is their ROI. It’s all about YOU, YOU, YOU and YOU! Investors don’t know who are YOU, it sounds just like throwing money into the sea, losing money end of the day.

So … if you plan to have a successful entrepreneur pitch by getting the REAL ANGELS funding for your creative business idea, do look into the following tips:

1. A Good Introduction – Describe your business idea in a straight forward and simple introduction less than 60 seconds. If it’s in a written format, ensure it’s within one A4 page with double spacing. Many entrepreneurs spend a lot of valuable time providing information, history of the business and others data for their pitch. Telling grandma stories with no purpose and not explaining what exactly their business nature are. This is the best successful entrepreneur pitch you ever had BUT not the investors. They just don’t understand!

2. Target Audience – Who is your target audience? Potential customer for your proposed business. Make it clear to the investors who the buyers are!

3. Purpose – Explain the reason why your targeted customer will pay you their money for your products/services.

4. Define Competitors – Who is the players in the market doing the same with your business idea? Do not say NO, as this say you unsophisticated. End up with unattended business proposal.

5. Dramatic Difference – What’s your uniqueness in this business? Why you are the only one can make this happen?

6. Confidence Presentation – Definitely, be professional giving your presentation with highly confidence and enthusiasm. Be passionate and show how committed you are to make this business idea success. Investors want to see how good you are to convince the market not just them.

7. Marketing Promotion – What are your marketing strategies for the business? To come out with a creative marketing strategies, always listen to market what they need instead of asking yourself what you think the market need. Having a well-planned gantt chart on how are you going to run your marketing promotion makes them felt secure funding your business.

8. Financial Budget – Tell specifically total amount of capital required to fund your business idea. Prepare a projected monthly cash flow budget to avoid overspent for your business. Most important, don’t expect investors to come out with another budget for your business.

9. Company Expenditure – What are the monthly expenses you will be paying? Assets you are getting. (Example, how many computers/laptops)
Note: Don’t ever say you will spend on a holiday to Carribbean with family.

10. Dress Attire – Make sure you got the best outfit, a presentable dress attire when you are going to present your successful entrepreneur pitch. Be mature and be confidence showing the investors it’s great to have them as your business partner instead of begging them for money. Physiologically, human are more willingly to give you money when you don’t really need it.

Lastly, keep improving on your business presentation one after next. Take note on all questions being asked by the investors. This helps you on your next presentation, pitch their concern before they raise the same questions. You will get what you ask for in the end by providing such a successful entrepreneur pitch!