Women Entrepreneur Starting A Small Business – Facts to know

women entrepreneur with tieDeciding to start a small business relatively of having a new born baby playing a major part of your life. Being a women entrepreneur, everything in the beginning will be the most tiring and stressful times you need to face.
But doing it right, this will be your best achievement in life. Getting the business to be rewarding in long term that’s the most challenging part as of now everything changes pretty fast.

What’s your thought in starting a new business? Do you have to know everything before starting your own small business? Normally people will think of “YES”. You are the expert in the industry, you can solve any technical issues in your business – products/services. To run a small business, company management is important. One thing that you will need to start thinking of that will help a lot in your small business will be – sales & marketing. It ain’t difficult or easy. Marketing message is the key of getting your customers to be attracted to your products or services. Also the most complicated part of any business is to communicate the right message to your prospects. Most of the women entrepreneur think they know about marketing, which is hiring sales staff to do cold calls making appointments and seal the deal. They must be kidding themselves.

Marketing helps an entrepreneur generating potential leads and convert into sales easier. The best example ever had would be “Apple”. The marketing strategy is so viral before the product is even in the market. People are crazy for it and even queue for it. Does the salesperson required to explain the features of the product? Answer is NO! This is what you should have in your mind and plan to do in your small business marketing. The smartest things you could do is to engage a marketing agency to ensure the success of your small business. Remember, your new start-up small business need to be nurtured from the beginning.

It is common that most small businesses fail within the first 5 years. Among these millions of entrepreneur hoping to success ending with heartbreaking business could be the minority entrepreneurs whom succeed. How nice if they able to seek for advice and help from the marketing experts in the areas they have no idea at all. Based on marketing agency or Ad agency, they have never had a client to spend more money than how the entrepreneurs done it themselves. Even it is, the result of engaging a marketing agency is far more better than doing themselves. In conclusion, the return on investment (ROI) is actually higher.

Hopes the women entrepreneur who plan to start your ever first small business no matter it’s online business or home based business to be succeed in near future!

Upcoming I’ll be writing an article on the Benefits of Engaging a Marketing Agency for Women Entrepreneur“.

Starting Home Based Business – What to consider?

home based businessAs being heard from everywhere, anybody about starting your home based business something so attractive. What do really need to consider before you kick start? To own a business, not reporting to anyone else, having flexible working hours and able to plan your working days and holidays yourself. That’s most of the entrepreneur dreams…
So, if you are taking into consideration starting your own home based business, what you need to do is start thinking deeply, by asking yourself some initial questions, such as:

1. Working Schedule – To keep your current job as a beginner in business, how much time will you spend on building your first home based business? Assuming you spend 10 hours a day in your permanent job, another 8 hours sleeping hours, will you be committed everyday spending the rest of the hours to pursue your business endeavors? Which will be the perfect timing for you to work effectively and creatively building your home based business? It can me morning, late evenings or maybe during the weekends.

2. Working Space – Make sure your ideal home based business doesn’t easily get interrupted. Most of the people couldn’t work from home. Reason being it’s so comfortable to stay at home and seeing the softness of your bed, just easily makes someone to be lazy and don’t feel like doing anything laying on the bed or couch. So ask yourself, do you have a suitable room or space for your home based business?

3. Self Improvement – Your determination and willingness to learn new things which is relevant to your business. Everything is changing too much especially with the technology nowadays. A business couldn’t survive without online presence. Time allocation on self improvement, learning new technology, will you sacrifice? Mastering your skill in your home based business will be part of the business management. How will you handle the rest of your business component? Should you delegate some like marketing, sales or accounting?

4. Marketing Strategy – Do you know how to have a creative marketing strategy? What channel and promotion you need to do to market your home based business? How can you create your products or services awareness and get make it viralĀ  in order to reach your customers? Which will be the best way to start off, online or offline? Marketing budget allocation for each month within your financial capability. Marketing has no rules. Keep trying one another to always improve your marketing message.

5. Business Capital – Money? How much should you allocate for the start? Do you need to buy or rent any equipments or gadget? Calculate the costing required for necessary to start your home based business.

Well, this is a few questions you need to start thinking of. It will be best if all of the questions being answered before you get started. This would make your start-up home based business smoother and safer.

Entrepreneur for Women

entrepreneur for womenEntrepreneur for women – is there a shortage?

Being women entrepreneur is a great time in this year, marketing technology has make things quick and simple and propelled an entrepreneurial revolution. As women entrepreneur, accessibility to information online enables you to have a better decision making. Having an advantage over the ‘big players’ in businesses with flooded instant news online. You can now target new markets more effectively.

But being a successful women entrepreneur is not easy. It requires a passionate to what you wanted to do and looking at the big picture. Be consistent and craft a business plan and execute from the beginning to the end. Some practical guidelines which will help you on starting your own business.


Practical Tips For Starting Right – Entrepreneur for women

1. Start Your Business – Part Time
Starting a business is not like playing a game. You might want consider starting your business part-time, especially if it’s online, while you’re working and have a steady income. Normally it takes six months to a year to get your online business to grow and you don’t want your ability to pay the utilities bill unattended. Secondly, make sure this is a business you don’t feel boring or easily giving up. Follow with your capability to manage in terms of financial and time-wise, plan to scale up your business growth.

2. Find Your Niche with Market Demand
It is important that the products/services you deal with is demanded in the market. There’s no longer general stores able to survive in the online world now. Understand the consumer behavior, they are looking for specialize goods/services. Nobody will search online things they don’t want. Figure out your target market. Which category or industry they belongs to.

3. Important of Online Presence
If you are planning to start an offline business, do consider the important of getting online and make it as an asset as your marketing & promotional department. It plays an important role for leads generation. Having an online presence generate interest of your target audience and eliminates the limitations of physical location. Besides that, your fans or followers will receive instant promotion and news from you. Best of all, it’s FREE!

4. Never Give Up Easily
A successful women entrepreneur requires innovative & creativity to face the challenges and keep moving forward. We knew that Steve Jobs doesn’t success once he started to run a business. Believing himself to create a product which makes human life easier, he never gave up even failing so many times. Don’t repeat what you have done wrongly but learn from the mistakes you made and never repeat it again!

Believing in yourself today – Entrepreneur for Women!!!

Good example for to have a great career, great family & great husband! Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg And Her Husband Have Done The Impossible!