Roles of Entrepreneur

Roles of Entrepreneur? Does an Entrepreneur need?roles of entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is person with a great personality. Entrepreneur can create almost everything and will never disappoint you with their endless wonderful ideas. They always come up with new inventions and new solutions to your everyday life problem. For instance, you might having problem with your kitchen sponge, so they might just create a new and advance technology to produce a better quality of kitchen sponge that can improve your quality of life. It might sound very simple, but when we look at the brighter side of it, entrepreneurs are really great people who have great roles in the society.

Entrepreneurs are innovators, they never wasting their time and always eyeing for opportunity. People’s everyday problems have become opportunities for them.  Entrepreneurs can come up with wonderful ideas and solutions for different group of people. Most of the new inventions in our lives such as toaster, dish washer or even a small and simple thing like air freshener were created by entrepreneurs. They might not be the original innovator, but they added new improvement to the existing products. All this new improvements help to create a new good service. Life will become more efficient with the birth of new and improved technology in everyday life.

Beside that, entrepreneurs provide choice. Entrepreneurship has widely practices by most countries all over the world. Entrepreneur will add goods ad service to marketplace. So people will have more choices rather than just using the same product for ages. They will also offer variety because entrepreneurs always design different approaches to similar problems based on individual preferences. For example, you might found variety of liquid detergent in the market because people have different needs and choices. Some might need a liquid detergent that can prevent the clothes from fading, some might want a super clean laundry and some might just prefer a normal liquid detergent. Compared to the previous year where we only can have a normal liquid detergent, now we are surrounded by different type of new choices.

At the same time, entrepreneur will provide jobs to people. It is impossible for an entrepreneur to do his work alone. They might need assistants and for sure they will hire employers for their business. Furthermore, any entrepreneurship will consume a lot of resources and this will provide new job to supply the resource. It will work as one team in the field of business where a lot of people work together under one company line. However, the most important role for an entrepreneur is they help the economy to grow. Profits from they business will contribute to the country’s economic growth. Without entrepreneur, it might be hard for a country to develop because of the lack of resources. Based on the mentioned roles we can not deny the fact that entrepreneur has a very big roles in the society and the country itself.